Tuesday, August 25, 2009

High School Clique Fashion- The Artsy Student

It's time once again for one of my themed posting sprees. As you have probably guessed I am taking on the cliques from my high school days. Well there are more like a caricature of the clique they are representing. I mean I don't remember anyone walking around school looking quite like this, but you get the point. I plan on showing off one clique a week. Now on with the show!

Here is my little artist before class just hanging out in the hall. Most of the accessories she has are CSR gifts from Gritty Kitty. There is still time to get the painters apron, but hurry because it ends Monday I believe! The details on it are amazing.

Ripped jeans and a tank top for movement allows her to make broad brush strokes or maybe throw things, you never know an artists temperament. Even in SL where we are all adults you can still fit into one of the high school cliques. So were you an artist in high school or now? or will you clique be coming next?

Shirt: *BOOM* Claire Tank Flutter(thunder)
Pants: Dutch Touch Jeans ripped Xtra -D grey
Belt: Gritty Kitty Painters Apron CSR Summer '09
Sketchbook and Pencil: Gritty Kitty Sketchpad CSR Winter'08 (can't get it now)
paintbrush: *Sanu paintbrush
Hair: Gritty Kitty Creative - Rage
Skin: LF Chai Skins -Nutmeg- Peaches (no longer for sale)
eyes: Shine Covet Storm (large)
sneakers: ETD Demi trainers - black
poses: [LAP]Witch Castle Lean and [LP] Allegory

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Anonymous said...

hahaha this close to what I wear most days!