Friday, July 31, 2009

Spotlight on Rebel-X Mareea

When I saw previews of this dress it just screamed Water Goddess to me and I wanted it...badly. Yes I know it seems weird that someone named Phire would be drawn to a watery dress. What can I say I likes what I likes. Mareea made up or a few different parts. I will start with the corset and panties part since it seems like it the is foundation upon everything is layered. The swirling colors send my thoughts drifting to dreams of a Caribbean vacation. When I come back to reality I notice the other details in the corset, the cute shells lining the bottom, which one could mistake for a wave, (at least I did at first), the same shells in a different color keeping the front closed. And I just noticed as I am writing this there is a seahorse on the back of the corset. A photo opportunity fail on my part.

Next up is the skirt and shoulder ruffles, since we are layering here. The skirt has a lovely sculpted sweep to it as if it was made by a wave. The sheer netting just finishes off the the whole goddess feel, at least for me. Oh I almost forgot there is even a little prim ruffle for the very top of the corset. Sadly it is a little too hard to see in my picture.

Now for the final touch, the jewelry. The armbands and necklace made of shells work nicely with the overall look. I adore the texture of these shells because they seem to shimmer, even though I know they aren't.Now if all these pieces alone weren't enough check this out, The necklace and ruffle can be attached as one or separately and on different attachment points. The corset pieces come on all layers. My head was spinning when I saw it all!

Dress:!* Rebel -X- *! MAREEA - BLACK SWAN's "SWANSONG" -only available here right now
Skin: LF CHAI Skin -Nutmeg- Morpho (retired)
Hair: Exile Love Story twilight
Eyes: Shine Covet Oasis (large)
Poses: [LAP] Swimsuit Model I & II Pose Set


Achariya Rezak said...

you look so pretteh phire! love you in this.

Phire Zuhra said...

Thanks Ach! I think I took a million pictures before getting any I felt were worthy of the clothes.

+ Rouge Darcy + said...

Tyvm Phire for this wonderful blog post!!! <333