Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hitting the beach

*waits* Done yet? Yeah I stare at my cleavage too, who wouldn't? Best part about my awesome rack it that I didn't have to waste a clothing layer to get it. Bonus! See that is the new Aoki skin from Rockberry and it comes with or without the cleavage. See I am a cleavage lover, heck I even made my sweet innocent bunny not look so erm flat. But I should stop before this turns into a post all about my obsession with my own boobs. Oh no this post is all about the newness I am wearing. Bathing suit-new, necklace-new, skin-new! I already told you where I got my skin (which I haven't take off since picking it up) so that leaves the necklace and bathing suit. My swimwear is a new release from Likka House and it comes with a black and white version in the pack. It's great if you are looking for something other then a bikini.

Now the necklace that I am wearing is a new release from Naive. Leah has branched out into jewelry and I have to say her first offerings are perfect for the summer. Of course my darling 4 year old just asked me why I have a necklace on at the beach. She may have a point I would hate to lose it in the surf. Anyway the new jewelry at Naive is perfect for casual everyday wear, even at the beach!

Skin: [Rockberry] Aoki D
Bathing suit: Likka House Alrescha - Blue
Necklace: Naive Accessories Bead Necklace -pink
Hair: *Truth* Antonia
Eyes: Shine Covet Gold Sage (large)
Poses: Striking Poses Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Poses

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