Monday, June 1, 2009

I am a little behind

I am about to gush some people I am lucky enough to call my friends. If you truly hate this kinda of thing then go ahead and move on.....Now for those of you still here I am going show you some things by my blog partner in crime and a member of the hermit club Brandy. Yes there is a club, we just don't have meetings because that would require us to leave home. Anyway Both these lovely ladies have been working their fingers off lately. Ms. Brandy had released 2 new sets since the one I am wearing in these pictures and Sakura has some stuff coming out soon that is totally awesome but super secret at the moment so I can't tell you about that. I can tell you about the newer poses she released. There are two sets, one called I'm a real girl and one for the guys guessed it...I'm a real boy! I may be a little biased in my love for these cause well one is named after me! It seems the one named after me and the one named after Sakura are both boobie oriented poses. Phire is on the left below and Sakuradawn is in the middle the last is form the harajuku set, it snuck in there somehow. I blame the gnomes.

Now as I mentioned Brandy has been making lots of pretties too. This is the Enchanted set. See the pretty flowers, they are color change. You can see three of the color options in the picture there. However if that weren't enough Brandy made two different styles of necklaces! She revealed to us on Plurk that this set was the result of a good nights sleep. If this is what happens on a good nights sleep I wish her nothing but sweet dreams!

Oh yeah notice what color my hair is? OMG Phire is a blonde! I blame this on Kavar of Exile and his diabolical plan of putting three different colors in each demo pack. See what happens? An unsuspecting shopper tries on the blonde going eh I will just look to see how the style fits and then BOOM!instant love. Diabolical I tells ya. He too has been on a release kick too! I don't know what these three are eating/drinking/doing but I may need some of whatever it is!

Where to get the stuffs made by these busy bees.
Hair: Exile Ali harlow
Eyes: Shine Lustrous Arctic (large)
Skin: Rockberry Megan B Natural
Shirt: Apple May Designs- Delilah -Red
Pants: [Pink] AO1 Denim – Dark Rinse
Shoes: Maitreya Mishima Dawn – Leather Tan
Jewelry: Shine Enchanted
Poses: [LP] from the I'm a Real Girl and Harajuku sets

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your eyes look so pretteh in this post!