Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We're All Mad Here

Many of you know that a new set of Wonderland themed sims has opened up called Feed your Head :D Split into two sims, March Hare and Red Queen, these sims take you on a shopping tour of Wonderland and through the Looking Glass.

I was lucky enough to get a spot on the March Hare sim! Available at the Lazy Places shop here are some new poses,cookies, and a new cuppy cake!

Here's the run down because my brain isn't really working so good tonight:

*A set of 8 Wonderland inspired poses are now available, everything from Alice to the White rabbit for 350L

*The Wonderland Cookies are all card suits, that when clicked give you the choice of several Wonderland quotes for 25L with a fatpack available

*The Wonderland Cuppy Cake also gives you a choice of Wonderland quotes when clicked for 25L.

*(Not Shown) Alice tree inspired by the Cheshire cat scene with 3 custom poses for 250L :D

All new releases will be only in our wonderland shop until our mainstore moves.

Also featured in this post is the Alice in Wonderland Complete Avatar from ~Hourglass~. This avatar is also available in Wonderland. The avatar is a collaboration between Averie Larnia of ~Hourglass~, Brutus Martinek of Pididdle, and Nykki Heartsdale of lessthanthree<3.

The avatar includes:
-- [lessthanthree]<3 skins - zoe [wonderland] exclusive skin by Nykki Heartsdale (only featured in this set!)
-- ~Hourglass~ Alice in Wonderland Shape (mod/copy/no trans)
-- =HooT= Alice's Blue Eyes
-- PIDIDDLE Salon - Era - Alice Edition (exclusive hair with sculpted blue ribbon attachment)
--PIDIDDLE Alice Dress (including tights with sculpted ribbon attachments)

The set is 900L

These are all cute additions for you Alice collectors out there!

Visit Lazy Places @ Feed Your Head, March Hare
Visit ~Hourglass~ @ Feed Your Head, Red Queen

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