Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Poco Pals! I think I just died from the cute.

I'm sure by now most of you have heard of or even own your very own Loco Pocos Avatar. If not, get out from under your prim rock and go get one! Now even if being adorably furry and tiny isn't your thing (really? come on, look at them, they are cute! Why wouldn't you want to look like this?) You can still own a Loco Poco to carry around while you are all big and tall.

The Poco Pals are now available for you to snuggle and hold and have tea parties with :D

The Poco Pals are fully customizable. Click on your new friend and choose from 4 build in poses, the ability to rename, change gender, color, eyes, nose, clothing, fur/skin. The possibilities are endless. Not only can you dress them but you can change the color of their clothing to match your own. My favorite feature is their expressions. Haha, I love the glare.

Poco Pals are also Mod/Copy allowing you to add your own textures to them, allowing you to create your own unique little fuzzy friend.

Poco Pals are also available on Xstreet SL for easy gifting to friends and loved ones.

Find Poco Pals inworld here: Loco Pocos
Find Poco Pals on Xstreet SL here: Xtreet SL

Poco Pal featured here is the Mouse. There are many other species to choose from ^_^

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