Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Veiw: Doodads

Are you looking for that cute or quirky piece of jewelry to add to your SL jewelry box or just a little pick me up to make you smile? Well I suggest you head on over to Paisley Mizin's new shop Doodads. Paisley has moved beyond socks and opened a jewelry store, below is just a small sampling of what you can find.

First off we have the Elephant Earrings. I have it on good authority that these happen to be Paisley's favorite. Oh and before you think I am a total ditz I know my earrings are two different sizes, that is because I wanted to show you the two size options. Pretty smart of me huh?

Next up is the Tomatonose Set. The bright colors and general cuteness of this one had me thinking about the pictures of Harajuku girls I saw while googling them for a challenge. That of course is my opinion and I may possible be way off. Hush I know what you are thinking, I am not off that way!

Last up is my personal favorite the Psycho Butterfly set. Again this set comes with two different sized earrings. The smaller ones are great if you to be subtle, but I say go big or go home! The vibrant colors in this set make it easy to match to just about anything you may have. And hey if you can't find something to wear with them well that is just an excuse to go shopping.

Those are just three examples of some of the goodies you can get over at Doodads. There is something for every budget over there even some for just a couple of Lindens. I am not going to show it too you, but trust me it is adorable!


Elephant Earrings
Skin: Rockberry Uma E Dark
Hair: Exile Brandy auburn
Eyes: Shine Covet Gold Sage (large)

Tomatonose set
Shirt: [ aKai ] : Moose Pocket Hoodie: Blinding Blue.
Hair: Exile Gwen Raver (older group gift)
Skin: Rockberry Uma E Dark
Eyes Shine Covet Gold Sage (large)

Psycho Butterfly set
Skin Rockberry Uma A Dark
Shirt Sn@tch Innocent Top (Champagne)
Hair : Curio Sally Black
Eyes Shine Covet Gold Sage (large)

All jewelry from Doodads
All poses from [LP]

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