Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am so lucky to have some of the sweetest and most talented people on the grid as my friends. Recently Sven and I had wanted to build upon our bug collection of shoes and so the Bugged Boots were born. My favorite of the set was the Ladybugs. Not wanting them to live just on boots I added them to our flats and dollie shoes too.

Once I had those done I realized they desperately needed something else. I turned to the Queen of Cute dresses (someone make this woman a cute crown kthxbai) Katat0nik Pidgeon and asked if she would make a matching dress for them.

And so Kat created the Ladybugged Dress! Adorned with ladybugs of the utmost cuteness :D The dress comes with skirt, strappy top, sheer shirt, panties and ladybug covered stockings ^_^ The dress is available in eight colors!

Instead of the usual ruffle panties that have come with previous dresses, Kat has made these panties in the style of her fruit swirl sets. Very cute!

Oh one more thing, see the ladybugs on the back of the dress? They are the same ones that fly out of the boots! So if you have ever wanted your very own Ladybug army to take over the world with your cuteness? Now is the time!

Ok one more thing I swear! Both Lazy Places and Katat0nik are on the same sim so when you visit one just walk over to the other :D
Bugged Shoes:
Lazy Places
[LP] Bugged Boots - Ladybug
[LP] Bugged Ladybug Flats (Black) & (White)
[LP] Bugged Ladybug Heel (Black) & (White)
[LP] Bugged Ladybug Platform (Black) & (White)

*katat0nik* (blue, lavender, black, white) LadyBugged Dresses
*katat0nik* (pink, orange, yellow, green) Ladybugged Dresses

~Scribble~ Hair "Messed Up" (White)

From the minajunk *AV-SUMIRE- set

Lazy Places
*katat0nik* set
I'm Not Cute! set
I'm A Real Girl set

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