Monday, May 25, 2009

It's time for another mostly nude odd creature installment.

So...this is my butt. Haha. Ok sorry, couldn't help myself. Anyways, today I was wandering the Albero accessory sale and came across an adorable girl with digi paws, tail and ears. Now usually I admire from afar and later regret not asking where someone got something. The thing is, I have been searching for legs like this for ages. I was happy when I got my faun legs a while back but still longed for paws. So I sucked up my courage and asked and was direct to xstreet and this amazing set!

Mutation Industries (best know for some incredible furry avatars) has brought us their Cat-Person Parts. Now as soon as I put them on and saw the shape of the ears and the feet I immediately thought Fox Demon! Maybe it was the red color I chose. Oh red, how I love thee, I would have your little colorful babies if it was possible! *ahem* sorry about that.

The ears have three positions that you can change by simply clicking the ear. Also there also options of having normal, tuffted or notched and tuffted like you see here on me. The legs and paws come in two sizes, one for the shorties like me and one for the taller people. The claws have three nail positions.

Did you notice the amazing tattoo I'm wearing? hyasynth Tiramisu has presented us with several new tattoos. The crowjane tattoos seen here feature birds and skeleton keys and swirls of awesome all over your body. That's right kids I'm gushing. I am allowed because I am a fox demon and I say so. So... :P I hope to see hya make more tattoos someday :D (no pressure hya >.>)


Cat-Person parts:
[MI] Cat-Person Parts - Cherry
xstreet sl

crowjane tattoos ~silentsparrow~

[ROCKBERRY] Uma FUSION Exclusive Light

From the F_Faun_Snow Set

<<< np >>> Lunar EYES
Right Eye: Lettuce
Left Eye : Eclips

*!RaveNation!* Banpaia Piercings

Gritty Kitty: Kinder - white


Mourna Biziou said...

Ok that is adorable.

Alyx Sands said...

*fans herself* Nekkid Sakura! Yay!