Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm all up in yer Fashion Blargs, eatin' yer Fashionista's Toast.

I bet there is a bunch of you out there going "WTF! Who let this dog on our fashion blogs! What a weirdo!"

To you guys I say pbttttttt *spray doggie drool*

For the rest of you, Hai! *insert Wolfie nuzzles here*

I love that SL gives me the ability to be whatever I want. If I want to be human, I can. Elf, yep! Cardboard Box! Um...ok....why not? I don't judge.

I have a massive collection of avatars to choose from. When I'm feeling sad or even grumpy I pull one out and run amok. One of my favorites is the Lost Ferals Wolf.

Look at me. I am insanely cute. If you don't find me adorable you have no soul. I mean come on! I have a heart on my forehead! Look at my eyes!! You know you would give anything to snuggle up next to me and pet me and um....feed me toast! :D (Because it's a well known fact that Wolves love toast!)

The Lost Ferals Wolf comes in several colors and has lots of customization options. You can pretty much attach anything extra you want like I have done with the toast and wings. Fun right? Yes, of course it is.

Now if you will excuse me, I have someones stilettos to Nohm on x3


Want to be a Wolf too?
Find your own Lost Feral here

Like my Wings?
Inspired Sparrow by Material Squirrel

Get Toast of your own to Nohm. (Toast was attached to chin to work with Wolf, normally attaches to mouth)
[LP] Toasties ~Rye-Ann~