Friday, May 29, 2009

I love Noam <3

If you are one of those anti-love and blogging people one truly enjoys kind of people then scroll on by because this is a first in several blog posts I will make of people I love.

Those of you who are still here, gather around while I profess my love for Noam Sprocket.

Noam's shop, Gritty Kitty for those who don't know, is one of those places I try to avoid because every time I go in there I go broke >_<

My most favorite things in his shop is his hair. I have been a fan of Noam's hair from the start as my sobbing hair folder reminds me every time I buy more. Each new release is even better than the one before it so there is no way I can stop! One of my favorite features on many of Noam's newer hairs is the texture change streaks. It allows me to wear the same hair for days but match it to different outfits each time. The hair I am wearing in these photos is the XD hair. When my hair is longer this is exactly how I wear it in RL. <3

Another of my favorite items in the SCHMOOPS. How cute are these shoes? The nose and ears are color change on them too. These are the only shoes available at Gritty Kitty but maybe someone can talk Noam into doing more because these are some of my favorites.

Noam also makes some of the most unique items I have ever seen such as this Devil Collar. The chain is amazing on this as it's all prim, not some odd textured thing like most chains are. I love the way it twists and curls on it's way down to the devil tail at the end.

Now you may have noticed my new fawn parts. Noam has recently released Fawnication, a set of Ears, Horns and tails available in White, Black and Brown. The ears are scripted to twitch when clicked and go crazy twitching when you type :D Noam has added +10 cuteness and awesomeness to my avatar. xD

Among the clothing and hair and general win of everything in Gritty Kitty you can also find clothing. Noam has recently released some new t-shirts. I am wearing the ORLY? in green in all of my photos. I love the little details Noam adds to things such as the holes in the shirt, giving them a nice worn and loved feeling. I'm also wearing the art school pants in the ripped version, which provide you with prim cuffs if you feel the need to use them.

This is where I make my exit with my hearts and rainbows and fluffy kittens with horns.

Gritty Kitty
Gritty Kitty: WHITE Fawnication

Gritty Kitty: ORLY? Tees Green

Gritty Kitty: Devil Collar [b]

Gritty Kitty: Art School Pants RIPPED

Gritty Kitty: SCHMOOPS

Gritty Kitty: WHITE XD

HaT MecHaNiCs BandAids - Nose (Thin)

<<< np >>> Lunar EYES
Left: Eclips
Right: Lettuce

[ROCKBERRY] Uma FUSION Exclusive Light DK Brows

I'm a real girl set
I'm a real boy set (middle pose in first photo was named for Noam!)
I'm not cute set
Lazy Places for DSN set (only available through the Designer Showcase Network)