Thursday, May 14, 2009

Adam n Eve Beauty

Adam n Eve has released a new skin line named Beauty. The beauty line introduces the hair base type skin to the Evolution line. I am happy to see more and more skin designers offering the option of a hair base to their skins, I like to wear these type of skins to very laggy places. There is also a hair piece that comes with the skin, allowing you a simple low prim bun. ^_^

The part I liked best about the beauty skin is the lips. The glossiness of the lips is perfect. I am wearing the Rainbow makeup option here, the makeup is very light and subtle. There is shading (blush?) along the side of the face that can give you a more mature look depending on your shape. I first tried this skin on my usual shape and it made me look much older, so if you are looking for a very youthful skin, this one is not for you.

The overall body of this skin is well done. Good shading overall, nothing harsh. Something else I wanted to point out, which is going to sound odd, the back of the knees are really well done on these skins! I know that most people don't notice things like that but I do.

Each skin in this line includes both the hair base skin and a bald skin. Also included are a manicure and pedicure.

Currently the Beauty skin is only available with a blonde base, however more hair colors and skin ethnicity are planned.

As always, try demos!
Adam n Eve

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