Friday, April 3, 2009

Secretary for the day

This look came about simply because I wanted to wear a system skirt and a monocle. Yes I know not my typical choices, but every once in a while I like to shake things up a bit.

I decided to go for a polished retro look which works well this system skirts in general. I think I ended up looking like a secretary who is too smart for the job she is stuck with. Which reminds me of my mom and how things were when she was just getting out of college, she graduated with a degree in Biology and the only jobs she could get in a lab was scrubbing test tubes. She passed on that and went into banking…go figure.

I even remembered to wear accessories this time around. I have an embaressingly large jewelry folder for someone who never remembers to wear it. I decided to go witht he earings the match the monocle and then the locket because well it looked good to me. I also have a ring on, but bad blogger I am I didn't get a good picture of it.

Eyes: Miriel Standard eyes – pewter
Skin:La Sylphide Erin Light Smokey Fuschia
Outfit: Ingenue ~Natalie~ Heather
Hair: Vignette Grable Cinnamon
Necklace: ..::Genesis::.. Antique Sterling Locket
Ring: *KessKreations* Allie Ring
Earrings and Monocle: *Sanu* Adventure Quest Hunt Prize (ends April 14th)
Shoes: ETD Shoes Starley Pumps (Silver)
Bag: HoH Tokyo Tote in sequined lilac
Poses: [LAP]from the Red Carpet Diva pose set

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