Sunday, April 26, 2009


Holy Crap a Sale!

That's right lazies, we are having a sale on all shoes :D

Starting today April 25, 2009 until May 15, 2009

All of our shoes will be on sale in anticipation of some huge things ahead for us, like moving to a new sim and new releases :D.

The sale will take place at our Main Store location only.

All sale prices ony apply to purchases made at the start of the sale until the end of the sale, no partial refunds on any purchases made before the start of the sale.

All boots will be 100ld off
All flats will be 50ld off
All fatpacks are also on sale and will be priced accordingly

*Please note this does NOT include the RFL shoes. Those are for charity no sale price :p

Interesting? Of course it is! ^_^
So come check it out already. >:3

Lazy Places Main Store

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