Thursday, March 12, 2009

What I wore yesterday

tuYesterday I was bored and decided to chronicle my outfit changes throughout the day. It was really amusing to see what I started the day and ended the day in. The middle of the day is usually chaotic and when I am busy in RL.

I started off the day in black. I really quite liked this outfit a lot. It amused my that my morning outfit could also be dubbed a mourning outfit because of all that black. Yup I am quite easily amused and had way to much caffeine coursing through me in the morning.
After looking over the feed I came across this post which led to this post which led to the picture above. I was trying feebly to goth up Barbie. I think I made her look more insane then goth, but oh well
Since I didn't want to stay looking like Barbie all day I changed back into my usual self. There was no way I wanted her body or blue eyes all day. I admit I was being a bit lazy and didn't bother changing my hair from the Barbie pictures. I likes the sweetness of all the pink and hearts but with the skulls balancing everything out.
I finished off the night in this outfit. I think this is the longest I have ever spent trying to put together a look. I basically challenged myself to find something to wear with the snakeskin pants. I had those sitting in my inventory for the longest time with no idea what sort of top to wear with it. I think I did a good job and the day came full circle since I ended the day in the same skin that I started it in. Not too shabby eh?

The Credits, these are the longest ones ever by me!

Random morning look 3-11-09
Skirt: Jaywalk : Nene ~ Black
Shirt: :bijou: *XmasGIFT* jewelLeah teddy [Black] (no longer available)
Sweater: []::Tuli::[] Cable knit cropped vest- black (no longer available)
Stockings: Adam n Eve – Racy Stockings- black
Shoes: Digit Darkes Couture Shoes – Glenda Heel Bow Heels
Hair: =Elle F= Cassandra –Red 3
Skin: LF Chai Skins –Nutmeg- Vixen Freckle
Eyes: -=Watchtower=- Slate Eyes (souless)
Lip ring: .:ellabella:. Garnet lovin’ lip rings
Poses: AnaLu- *fresh poses* various

Wannabe Goth Barbie 3-11-09
Skin and Eyes: Dollicious Doll Skins Free Complete Barbie AV
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Juliette (no longer available)
Mask: Illusions *~*Le Fleur Mask: Black
Lip ring: *Sanu Scribbling Quest Lip-ring (tinted red) (no longer available)
Outfit: Stheno
Underskirt: Ivalde Elaine red goth gown (no longer available at least I didn't find it in the store)
Stockings: *katat0nik* (black) White Trim stockings
Shoes: ~*{TBC}*~ Harajuku Streetwalker – Female
Poses: [LP] Lolita pose set

Mid-Day look 3-11-09
Sweater dress: Crush Factory Skull and Hearts (from The Most Random Hunt Ever)
Short sleeved shirt: MichaMi: Fearne in Pink for HoL (no longer available)
Socks: WWI (WorldWide Industries) VDay rolled tights (no longer available)
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Juliette (I was too lazy to take it off after the Barbie pictures) (no longer availible)
Sneakers: ETD Demi Trainers (Black)
Skin: LF Chai Skins –Nutmeg- Orchard
Eyes: Miriel Standard Eyes – Emerald (haha I snuck some green in on y’all)
Poses: {flowey} –for HoL pose set (no longer available)

Evening Look 3-11-09
Shirt: Schadenfreude Haunted Skelebeater Sepia (no longer available)
Pants: Digit Darkes -Fall Collection –Snakeskin Pants -Bronze
Boots: shinythings Ribbon Boots - brown
Skin: LF Chai Skins –Nutmeg- Vixen
Hair: ETD Davina II – Elika’s Brown
Necklace: Miriel Bauble III Bracelet -Gold
Bracelet: Miriel Bauble Necklace -Gold
Eyes: Miriel Standard Eyes – Emerald (haha I snuck some green in on y’all again)
Poses: Striking Poses Maxim Covers 2008
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