Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The titleless blog post

Where to start with this post? I guess first its lack good title is one thing we could talk about. I had this fantastic title all figured out. Of course as it happens I figured it out right as I was going to sleep and promptly forgot what it was when I awoke. Figures that when I decide to clean of my night stand and remove all the notepads that it when inspiration strikes, Murphy’s Law and I that I guess.

Anyway it is now March and the time for green. Today I decided to sport the Green Whale Hooker dress from *katat0nik*. Now this is one of the dresses that you have to fish up the pieces for. A lot of fun and in my opinion easier then getting the pieces for the original Whale Hooker dress. To add to the green going on here I chose the new Bunny hair from Scribble with the ribbons that I tinted green. It’s so adorably cute. Now trying not to overdo it on the green I went for these great shoes from Lassitude & Ennui. The Hitomi shoes are an older shoe, but work so well with so many of Kat’s dresses.

My skin is from Cheeky Girls and if you haven’t been over there yet you are missing out. Not only are the skins beautiful, but they are mod and have add-ons you can buy. Here I have added the shoulder freckles to my skin and I love them! This past weekend they released their add-ons on clothing layers so you could add freckles, skinned knees or even a spanked behind to your skins. Of course with all this sweet innocence I felt the need to darken things a little with my black soulless eyes. There is something about these eyes that I adore, maybe it is my dark and sinister side trying to come out and play? I am sure you are tired of my babbling so here are the credits.

Dress: *katat0nik* Whale Hookers Dress (catch the blood, cigarette, lipstick, money and blueprint to make your own)
Skin- {Cheeky Girl}- Butterscotch- Vivian 2 with add on shoulder freckles
Hair- ~Scribble~ Bunny Hair (Auburn)
Shoes- Lassitude& Ennui Hitomi – Classic
Eyes- -=Watchtower=- Black Eyes (Souless)
Poses- [LAP] poses from the Faery Pretty set


Achariya Rezak said...

the hair and bows match this frock perfectly <3

Phire Zuhra said...

Thanks Ach! Every once in while I get things right :)

Alyx Sands said...

Whoah, *love* the eyes! And the hair! And the dress! Oh, and freckly skin with add-ons??? *must go buy*