Thursday, March 19, 2009


Last year the amazing Selos Dae gave our virtual world the gift of the [][]Trap[][] Koi skin. Unfortunately for most of us, the skin was only available for a few short days at the Harajukubox skin fair. I, among others, regretted never picking it up back then. Lucky for us Selos decided to bring the skin back, reworked and with additions.

Selos' work is amazing. The beautiful makings of the koi skin swirl about the body in a colorful display. The addition of the head tattoo (not seen on me because it's under my hair >_<)gives you the opportunity to wear this skin with a variety of scalp flaunting hairstyles or you may choose to go bald :D

Selos also has added an undershirt/underwear layer for this skin, allowing you to cover up a bit and run amok nekkid at the day you were born. Well, your bunns will still be out but everyone will be so taken by your beauty I doubt they will notice. Another nice thing about the underwear layers is that you can mix and match them with the other Koi skins making yourself as unique as possible.

The Koi skins are available in both Male and Female versions, you can see the Male version shown off by Winter Jefferson here. Koi is also available in twelve colors and five skin tones. For other versions of this skin see Achariya, Lokum, and Terry's posts (sorry if I missed anyone!)

[][]Trap[][] offer a wide varity of other amazing skins, each a work of art. If you are looking for something special and a skin that will help you stand out in a crowd, you must take yourself to [][]Trap[][]. While you are there buy some Lace pants >_> I am so in love with those. :D

Credits so you can get the skin and run around nekkid!
[][]Trap[][] Koi Aqua F Tone 5
[][]Trap[][] Koi Rose F Tone 3

!!Calico Ingmann Creations!!
!!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Suzume- Pastels
Dark Rose & Sea

Poetic eyes
pc eyes by LL - bright - fairy dale

*~*Fairy Ears: []TRAP[]
Lazy Places
Ai Stand 1
Lolita 1
Ai Laying 2
Naru (sitting)
Lolita 3

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Lokum Shilova said...

Thk you for linking me to your blog I love the colors and the beauty of this skin you matched it wonderfully with the hair