Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's time for Sakura to hijack the blog to sell her stuffs.

Why hello there! Please be patient with all the photos and their length and what-nots :P
Brand new stuff at Lazy Places :D !!!!!!!!! (x a billion exclamation points)

For a long time Sakura has wanted to try her hand at pose making but lacked the skills and confidence to do it...but no more! We bring you the first in a long line of poses by Sakuradawn Lei for Lazy Places.

All poses were modeled after various anime characters. There are even some for the boys. ^_^

All poses have been made to have little or no texture distortion on the torso and little or no odd bending of the avatar.

We also offer couples poses. These poses are were made for a taller avatar and a shorter one (Sakura and Sven sized) but are mod/copy so you can adjust them for your sizes.

One last thing....Sugar Bunnies have invaded the Snack Shack! These were modeled after the cute bunny peeps and are interactive. They hang from your mouth all cute like. ^-^

All and more can be found at Lazy Places

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