Friday, February 20, 2009

This post brought you you by drugs

Okay so the drug involved was Nyquil, but still.

This is how my brain works on cold meds I start thinking about something randomly in my inventory. In this case the Starlust Valentine Hunt skins from Schadenfreude which have a doll option (ie no bits). So then I was thinking that it could work on a male. I thought some more and into my head popped Twisted Sister. Dee Snider rocked some heavy make up sorta like this. Now I need hair, the bigger and more outrageous the better. I knew just what to use. Then there was the clothes, this was easier then I thought because I knew I had this outfit from Winter Moon floating around in my vast closet somewhere.

So there you have it my sheer genius or complete loss of mental stability either way it was fun.

Pants and jacket: *WM* Rawk On(leopard)
Tank top: Schadenfreude Black Ghost Skelebeater
Boots: Chantal's Elikapeka
Skin: Schadenfreude Valentine- Cameo Lang Sin in my Heart, black nail (doll)
Hair: Digit Darkes-NATURALe-Defiance - Straight Night Blood


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Kesseret Steeplechase said...

capital N small Y GIANT F'N Q.

Original Green Death Flavor.

Denis Leary...