Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not your average male

We have all seen and lusted after Achariya's Boi Av and we have all heard the "Abyss clone" complaints. I decided it was time to see if I was capable of creating a believable male avatar. I should probably let you all know that this is not an alt. This is me. If you see me walking around inworld I will have the name Sakuradawn. Maybe my pixel parents were really hoping for a girl.

When it came to picking a skin I knew what one I wanted. The Koji skin from Animus and Slanted Fox is one of the best male skins I have seen. The skintone is flawless. The body isn't overly muscular like most male skins are. The lips are amazing, perfect color. There is no heavy eyeliner (guyliner?) as seen on many skins and often complained about, so no Emo boy here. The only available tone and option is what you see here. I really hope to see more of these done in the future. The Koji skin has a female counterpart named Kumi (see photo here, she is really beautiful)that can be found at the Animus shop The Koji skin can be found in the Slanted Fox shop and goes for 1000ld.

As for clothing, I pretty much already owned everything you see me wearing. I often buy unisex clothing because I am very much a tomboy in both lives. I did however have to find a good male shirt since most of what I own have shading for boobs. I wandered over to Sinistyle and picked out the Beatdown shirt in black. Surprisingly enough, this looks great on my female self too. (aka Sakura only changed her shape, skin and hair today. I'm sick and lazy today.)

For the shape, I started with a copy of of Sven's shape then did some heavy modding. I was going for the Elf next door/best guy friend/brother look. Phire says I ended up making his face look like he is a male version of my female AV. I call that success. :D

You will probably be seeing more blog posts of the male Sakura. I am hoping to show off a good Male style and blog clothing that isn't often seen on the popular male blogs.

Also, I would love to see what other bloggers can come up with as far as creating a believable avatar of the opposite sex. No, this isn't a blogger challenge meant to take over the feeds. This is my own natural curiosity and my secret desire to do a boi post with Acha *wiggles eyebrows in a pervy sorta way*

Not your average male credits:

Ears: [T.P]- Animalistic Elven Ears- Barred

Shirt: SiniStyle BeatDown Shirt - Black

Pants: 19 Soksaku-Kobo " Onenine-Coverall " Black (wearing just the pants)

Hair: Aitui - Sway Hair /Mullato/

Shoes: PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2 Urban Bomb Unit

pc eyes by LL - shallow water


Achariya Rezak said...

*wipes up keyboard drool* dayum, nice av!

Sakuradawn Lei said...

:D I make a hot boi!!

Anonymous said...

o hai.. wanna make out? I haz toast *EG*

Sakuradawn Lei said...

Toast!!! The way to my heart! *smootches all over Elusyve*

Green Dream said...

Does it count if we steal our partner's shape? :p

Lawless McBride said...

dude, lets hang out and stuff....

Sakuradawn Lei said...

Green Dream, I did that! He gave it to me a while ago because I needed a male shape to test boots on. I just heavily modded it. But it was a fantastic starting point for me.

We can go shopping for lots of black clothes Law :P