Saturday, February 14, 2009

My emo Valentine

Now in theory this is supposed to be a two part deal with one day being emo and the other all mushy and lovey. Hopefully I will be able to get to the second one or else I may have tortured someone for no reason.

I personally have a love/hate thing going on with Valentine’s Day. Maybe it stems from years of being sick for Valentine’s Day, or possibly the fact that in real life I look horrid in pink and red. Or it could just be that my inner cynic sees this day as one where we are urged to buy things that well we just don’t need or want? I mean seriously how often has any man actually worn silk boxers with red hearts all over them? And ladies how often do you actually look at that stuffed bear that once held chocolates? Once the chocolates are gone the bear really has no purpose. But that is neither here nor there. I decided to put together an outfit that while it does have hearts is not all sugary sweet like the candies I adore.

Oh yes some of you will be cursing my name because I used a shirt and skirt that were holiday gifts from Artilleri, sorry for that. At least you can get everything else.

Shirt: /Artilleri/ Darla top white with hearts (holiday gift)
Skirt: /Artilleri/ I'll be your gift skirt (holiday gift)
Shoes: [LP] Poisoned Flats
Hair: Exile Gwen Striped: Goth Doll
Skin: (CS) (DN) Vogue Skin-Amber (Last Call-G-String)
Key: [LP] Poisoned Love
Choker: [P/a] ToRiCo -chain choker-[RED]
Eyes: PE Eyes-Meadow
Poses: Various poses from grapevine

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