Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wanted: Skanks for tv show...

I love trashy reality TV. Why am I telling you this? Well it is because when I saw the Renee hair from House of Heart I was immediately reminded of Bret Michaels. Yes that Bret Michaels, of Poison fame, or as of late the wonderful reality train wreck that is Rock of Love on VH1, see how I tied it back to the beginning statement there? Now I know it is not a full head bandana nor does it have a cowboy hat, but hey first impressions are what they are.

If you have never watched the show, for one you are a far better person then I, but just so you know it is basically a show about strippers (current and former) and porn stars (again current and former) all vying for the love of a rock star. Well this put a thought into my head what would happen if I tried to combine the look of Bret (i.e. the hair) with the look of the erm…ladies(skimpy dresses and lots of makeup). This is the result.

I hope you don't think any less of me knowing one of my dark secrets ;)

Hair: HoH Renee
Skin: LF Chai Skins -Nutmeg- Diabla
Dress: T..a..R..t Vivian- Black
Shoes: Sn@tch Fetich pumps (red)


MeganK Draper said...

*looks around, sneaks in, and whispers* I watch it toooo. I'm so going for Beverly! *looks around again and sneaks back out*

gillian said...

hehe nice try, but you av is way classier than the girls on the show!

Phire Zuhra said...

MeganK I am so rooting for Beverly too, but I think she is too "normal" to win :(

Gillian I am not sure whether to be happy to be classy or sad I couldn't capture the trampiness. I think I will go with happy :)