Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sale at Lazy Places!

Lazy Places Sale!

From the note card because I'm too lazy to rewrite it for the blog:

[[[[SALE]]]] That's right a sale! Many of our Older items will be marked down.

There comes a time in every shops life where you realise you have run out of prims... This means it's time to have a sale!
Starting today January 11, 2009 and ending January 24, 2009 We will be holding a sale on most of our older items.

These items will either be undergoing a revamping, new textures, new design, Or will be gone from in world forever!
Never fear, those that don't make the cut in world will still be available from onrez and slx at their normal prices.
But why wait? These items will be 50% off for the duration of the sale.

Please note, Sale prices only apply to purchases made from January 11,2009 through January 24, 2009.
There will be no partial refunds on items purchased before the start of the sale. We need to eat too!

Look for the items in the designated Sale area right next to the shop.
There will be a big sign letting you know what is on sale.
Please ignore the marked price on the vendor, the price youll actually pay is half of that. ^_^

Look for the big 50% off sign at the side of the shop!

And here is a little idea of what is on sale and what to look for:

Lazy Places
I'll be getting back to my regular blogging soon. I have been very busy making new things for the shop that will be released after this sale and dealing with RL mess.

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