Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh noes I'm wearing the same DAMN thing as everyone else!!

It seems as though I have managed to create a few unspoken fashion no-nos here according to all the naysayers.

When I started blogging I showed whatever I liked. I didn't worry if anyone else liked it or not. I didn't worry if it was a new release or old release or you can't get this item anymore, boohoo poor you. I didn't worry if I was Neko, Elf, Furry or anything else. I knew if anyone didn't want to see what I had to show, they could just move on. No one was forcing them to look. Scroll bar is your friend.

I have never tried to be like everyone else. I love shape-shifting. Each appearance represents something I feel inside.

I was explaining Second Life to my Mom a few weeks ago. I told her that I was always an Elf, or Neko, or Furry or some other type of creature, Never a human. She looked at me with a serious look (you know the kind mothers get) and said "Why, if you have a whole virtual world of your own to explore and be anything you wished, would you ever want to be a human? You are human in the real world. How boring it must be to be a human in the virtual one." Have I ever mentioned how much I love my Mom?

In case you are wise and have missed my so called fashion no-nos I shall list them for you. Naysayers you may wish to scroll past.

1. Wearing the same Damn shirt as everyone else on the feeds today.
Armidi {Gisaci} Cambridge - Aufren White
2. I'm a Furry. Snuggle me, don't hate me....or I'll eat your ugly 2K frankenfeet shoes.
[BG] Feral Kitty - Chocolate Cake Blue Galaxy
3. Someone else blogged this Furry a few weeks ago and I don't remember who it was, I am sorry to that blogger. If you read this please let me know who it was?
4. Wearing food on my head. Oh and bonus points for it being something I made. It seems to be a crime to wear food and blog your own items. *puts paws out for the blogging police*
[LP] Dandy Apple ~Candy~ Currently available only at 2 Locations. Will be in Mainstore Sunday (Not sure if this one is open to the public yet) (We are in the village next to Rebel X)
5. Wearing an item not available yet and it's also something I made.>:P
Boots: [LP] Naamloos - Tan

Only thing I am wearing that is still ok is my jeans and necklace. No wait. I'm sure Acha blogged the necklace and I'm certain many have blogged these jeans before. \o/
Jeans : (CS) Jeans - Ultra Dark
Necklace: LBB Merskeleton necklace

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Achariya Rezak said...

^________^ I love this post. *snugs you in your furry, food-wearing, self-promoting glory*