Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ms. Bunneh takes a stroll

After three days of sports Ms. Bunneh has gone out for and early evening stroll. She plucked a lovely long coat out of her closet along with a matching scarf and headed to the park.

Ms. Bunneh traipsed down the path enjoying the crisp air and soothing sounds of nature as well as the click clack of her well heel paws on the cement as she made her way. Ms. Bunneh could not forget however to make sure she wore a hat(complete with hair) since as everyone knows a bunch of heat can escape from your head.

Ms. Bunneh made an excellent choice in her hat as the lacy goodness of it's embellishments are echoed in her long scarf.


Outfit- ~*{TBC}*~ - Winter in London
boots- Lassitude & Ennui Black leather ankle boots
hair- Exile Maureen in strawberry blonde
Bunny AV- DP*yumyum story of a bunney (grey) winter CSR gift


Achariya Rezak said...

D: OMG bunneh in a HAT! How'd you do it? The hats I've put on have detached my head >_>

Phire Zuhra said...

The hat and hair are one!