Monday, January 26, 2009

Ms. Bunneh goes to school

Today Ms. Bunneh has decided that life can't be all fun and games and that she needs a career that can bring home the carrots, or land a man...she's not picky. Ms. Bunneh has chosen to take some courses at the local college.

Unfortunately due to some nomenclature confusion the animal husbandry class she signed up for did not in fact teach animals how to find husbands, but something completely different.

Ever the fashion plate Ms. Bunneh chose to wear a plaid skirt with a colored shirt and sweater to keep warm walking the campus. She also couldn't forget a cute bag to tote all her books and papers about in!

Outfit- [Encore] Freshman (beryl)
Bag- HoH Tokyo Tote B&W ver2
Bunny AV complete with book and hair*- DP*yumyum* stoory of a bunny:grey (Winter CSR gift)

*note- The hair that comes with the bunny is pink and I tinted it purple


TT said...

Hi there!

D. Swindlehurst said...

How many credits does bunneh need to graduate? Which college is she attending?

Dot Lane said...

No husband, no 5 carrot diamond ring, poor poor bunneh.

Elusyve said...

Lusy Bunneh passes Ms. Bunneh some chocolate.. tis better than Carrots and HUSBANDS!

Samara Barzane said...

Best of the bunnehs I think!