Monday, January 5, 2009

Lionskins newest release

Yesterday Lionskins launched their newest skins line SU complete with a launch party that I had to miss due to RL. However I do have some pretties to share with you.

Now I will be straight with you there are a few things that are key for me when I try a skin. First off is the face/makeup because really this is what 98% of the SL community sees of me, the other 2% know who they are. I will admit I am a total makeup addict. I love having a different makeup style for different looks and with 40(!) options this line delivers. Of course the shading on the nose plays a big part too and I think my nose looks quite nice in these skins, at least Sakura liked it.

Next up is the boobs. I don’t need awesome realistic looking nipples because well they are covered up most of the time. However I do look at the shading, especially when wearing different style tops because I hate it when I look flat chested when in actuality my knockers are a bit on the big side. I didn’t run into any real problems in this area.

In all honesty if the rest of the skin doesn’t make me look like Quasimodo, which these didn’t, I am a pretty happy girl. I have to admit there was one thing about these skins that caught my eye right away, and that was the stomach. It is a nice flat looking tummy without any harsh ab shading. In other words you get a nice flat tummy but still look soft and feminine. As I may have told people it is a stomach worthy of doing body shots off of.

Now for the details you may be interested in. There are 4 skin tones with 40 make-ups each and 2 brow shade options. I am no math wiz but I think that makes for a lot of skins. Anyway head on over and grab some demos because as with all skins results may vary for different shapes.

Please forgive me it this post was rambling and slightly incoherent as I was taking some cold meds at the time.

Skins: Lionskins -SU- Fair 1, Pale 11 and Sunkiss 22
Undies: Jaywalk Yvette -pink
Hair: Truth Deanne
Poses: Striking Poses

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D. Swindlehurst said...

I like the skin very much, but I'm still doing the math on how many people make up 2% percent of SL. ;-)