Monday, December 22, 2008

Thumbprint Cookie Deliciousness

Look at me I have new jewelry from Fresh Baked Goods! It is the Jam Gem Thumbprint Cookie set. When I saw the notice about this release it made me think of my mom and sister. You see my mom makes these cookies every Christmas for my older sister because they are her favorite. My mom actually makes all of our favorite cookies since we all like different ones. My mommy rocks like that. But we aren’t talking about her we are talking about the jewelry, forgive me for that little glimpse into my RL.

As with most jewelry from FBG these too are color change, in fact you get a dozen different choices, I know I counted. I of course went with a mix of emerald and onyx to coordinate with my dress. Oh and in case your were wondering the price tag for these pieces won’t break the bank, a bonus if you are like me and have been doing a bunch on Christmas shopping.The cuffs have a nice modern feel to them while the necklace has a more classic drape to it. Of course I am sure that no matter what you are wearing this entire set will look great. Oh and one of my favorite things, the necklace comes with a chest and spine attachment points. I don’t know about you, but I love it when these two options are included because it saves me so much time. Yes I know it isn’t that hard but I am just that lazy.

I just have to mention my hair. It is one of the newest releases from Philotic Energy, Grazia. It is such a pretty updo ponytail thing. I am sure there is a more professional name for the style but it looks fabulous and to me that is all that matters. My goodness that is a really wordy post from me. I hope I didn't bore you all to tears.

Dress: Solange Green 2008 Holiday Dress (12 days of Christmas gift #8 find it before the 1st)
Jewelry: FBG Jam Gem Thumbprint Cookie necklace, earrings and cuffs
Hair: PE Grazia in Sambuca
Skin: LF Chai Nutmeg Envy

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