Sunday, December 21, 2008

Phire by Candy Lemmon

Candy said, “I say modern retro, ala Amy Winehouse (in better days) or Kat Von D. I'll leave the stores up to you, but I demand tattoos, pin-up hair, and red lipstick.” Easy enough really.

My first stop was Ingenue for the Jungle Bettie set. Next stop was Canimal for some tattoos. Now while I already own more tattoos then I care to admit, I didn’t have any that were bold and colorful enough for the challenge. After some careful perusing I chose the Suicide Girls body graffiti.

I needed to find the prefect style to top off the look. I went through all the hair I already had and none of it worked for the picture I had in my head. So back to Ingenue I went. I swear I grabbed at least half a dozen hair demos trying to find that one prefect look. Kitten with a whip was just what my pin up needed to go with the hair flower I had all picked out. The last thing I had to get was a skin. Well I didn’t need to but I wanted to use a skin that was still available in-world, as I am notorious for using special stuff you can’t actually get. Instead I did that with the hair flower...ooops. With red lips in mind I went over to Chai because I knew that there I would find just what I was looking for, and I did.

Outfit: Ingenue Jungle Bettie
Hair: Ingenue Kitten with a Whip- mahogany
Tattoos: Canimal-Body Graffitti (Suicide Girls)
Shoes: Jeepers Creepers Black Bettie's
Skin: LF Chai Skin -Nutmeg- Crush
Lashes: AC Wild Brush
Hair flower: /artilleri/ Skull hair Flower (advent gift)


Achariya Rezak said...

0_0 RRROW!

A+ -- I love that little bikini from Ingenue, and I'm happy you've got it on!

Chalice Carling said...

I just love your photo' dreamy and glamorous. Great job :-)

Candy Lemmon said...

*wolf howl*

I feel very Tex Avery cartoon right now, you look smoking!!! I hope you didn't break the bank with those buys, I actually suggested the look in part because I figured you might have something like that in your inventory. ;)

Phire Zuhra said...

Didn't break the bank at all. I absolutly loved the way this one came together.