Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mana Phire

Lola wanted to see me in a goth lolli j-rock inspired look. She sent me over to Illuminati for and outfit and suggested BareRose for a skin. She also mentioned that Mana from Malice Mizer would be good inspiration. After a little googling, yes I am that clueless, I was on my way.

I picked the blue Ma Cherie dress cause well it was blue and I like colors! Not to mention that it is completely adorable and has tons of choices. Ilove the little headband thinger all ruffly and cuteness. In fact I am wearing it to a party this weekend! As for the skin, in a lot of the pictures I saw Mana was rocking the blue lips and Lola was right BareRose was the place to go. I knew that I wanted some cute curly pigtails and luckily I had just the thing in my inventory from House of Heart. Anyway this was my attempt. If I failed Lola then that means you need to take me out shopping and educate me :)

Dress: *Illuminati* Ma Cheri – blue
Skin: :::B@R::: FSKIN2 Goth Dark Blue
Hair: HoH Sabine in charcoal


Achariya Rezak said...

:o ooooh, you look totally awesome. i love that color, and you picked the perfect skin for it.

Anonymous said...

You did an excellent job :D

I believe Yuki designed that dress after Mana-sama lol. Actually I think his 3 newest dresses are inspired by Mana. I would have never thought to check out HOH for some cute pigtails to wear with it. I'll have to check that out later :D