Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lets Cyber

Hello all! Do not fear, I have not dropped off the face of this virtual planet I have just been very busy with stuff. Yes stuff. I'm too tired to name what stuff but just know it's important and good.

I'm still working through the Dress Me up challenges and I love it all! Today's look was the suggestion of deightine. They suggested I try a cyber punk look. I checked out the place they suggested I look but it seems there was nothing there now but an empty building. Or SL didn't rez anything for me. Again. Anyways I decided to try AVZ for some cyber punk awesomeness.

AVZ makes lots of incredible cyber punk things. Everything from hair, to shoes, to accessories. All of it glowing and fanstastic. I only took one photo showing the glow because SL won't let me show glow in high resolution photos and I don't like the fuzziness of normal photos. But you can see below some of the glow.

Can I just say how much I love this hair? It's called TRI bal Hair 2 and it's the perfect white. I am madly in love with it. Moving on!

I tried to hunt around for a cybernetic eye, but to be honest I wasn't happy with what I found. I decided to dig into my inventory and wear my doll eyes from Le Petit Prince. I added the Digital Bunny ears to give myself a more cyborg look, lets pretend they are elf ears. While I was at AVZ I picked up the USB Cable Necklace & Bracelet set. It is incredibly detailed and perfect for this look. I am also wearing the STFU piercing from Nomine. The skin is Red makeup in skintone 2 from minajunk's Bad line. This is one of my current favorite skins, something about it just makes me feel more elf-like.

As for the clothing I went with the Haxxor Skirt from AVZ over the Lace Pants from [][]Trap[][]. I also treated myself to the Mekahooves from AVZ that I have been lusting over after seeing them on a few people. The rest of the look was finished with the Amtogan Top and Sjyau Bracers from Curious Kitties. The CSR cards are out now and the Sjyau Bracers came with one.

minajunk BAD RED 02

Nomine - stfu

AVZ ~ TRI bal Hair 2 (White)
necklace and arm bracelet:
AVZ ~ USB Cable Necklace & Bracelet SET
AVZ ~ Mekahooves ~~
AVZ ~ Haxxor Skirt ~~

[][]Trap[][] Gray Lace Pants

*LPP* Doll Digital Bunny ear
*LPP* Doll eye yellow

*C:K* Amtogan Top - Colorless
*C:K* Sjyau Bracers - Pink
Curious Kitties

From KatatOnik Mortido dress


Serene Fairey said...

blogged once about ZTD Bionic Eyes I think I found them over at Insilico Sim (love, Serene Fairey)

Achariya Rezak said...

DEAR GOD you look cool 0_0. I think I need to copy this look like, pixel by pixel. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

It's 'he' if you are at all curious *chuckle*. You did splendidly, m'dear. That is fantastic. :)

Being the hoof wearing type myself, you may have just earned that shop a customer.

Again, well done. :)