Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lazy PLaces has a release explosion!

If you have a problem with friends blogging their friend’s items then you should just skip by this right now. However if you love really cool winter and holiday inspired goodies then keep ready. Oh yeah this post is a bit picture heavy, but that is because Sakura has really been busting her ass lately. I think I will start with the holiday items because well ‘tis the season and all.

First we shall cover all the cute little holiday accessories she has for you. There are spoons and cupcakes and key….oh my! I personally love the spoon, not only are the adorable they are interactive! These are special little treats. I believe that the Spoon full of Holiday Love and Spoon Full of Winter Love are available at Axis Mundi (under the Christmas tree) while the Spoon Full of Love will be available at her newest satellite shop at the new Sugar Mill Shops.

Adding to the tasty interactive goodness are her cupcakes, worn on your head of course. These come in Frosty, Holly, Mistletoe and Santa versions. These and the keys I am about to talk about are redesigns of items she had out last year when her shop was just a baby.

Right so the keys, paw prints and hearts, red and green or candy cane striped. Depending on the color scheme you chose you get either Oh Holy Night (red and green) or Jingle Bells (candy cane). They spin, play music and poof hearts, perfect for that Christmas dolly!

Now onto the boots! Before I show you these I have to tell you that they come with a special bonus….a candy cane for your mouth. Before you even ask of course it is interactive, would you really expect anything less? You can have your choice of foot style. For the humans in the crowd there are the Jax. These are just like the super popular boots given out during the Ghost Hunt only well holiday-ized with holly and bells in red with green trim. Don’t worry Nekos, Ponies and Goats, or whoever else likes digi style legs you weren’t forgotten. She carried the same look over to the Centaur; Satyr and Gryphon styles as well, just take a peek.

Tired of listening to me yet? Well don’t worry I am on to the last of the new boots. These I have been wearing a lot because not only are the stylish, but they are fun! I am talking about the Winter Boots. Of course they come in the Jax, Centaur, Satyr and Gryphon styles. Beyond the styles though they come in five colors, black, brown, green, grey and red, if you can’t find a color to fit you outfit then well what the hell are you wearing!?!?!

Oh yeah I said these boots were fun didn’t I, well that is because they do stuffs. You mean you want me to tell you what they do, well alright. They make noise…and prints! You make that wonderful crunching snow sound and they leave snowy tracks when you walk.

I kinda made a mess when I was at Ivalde earlier while wearing them. Sorry Neferia. The prints are of course temporary like the prints on previous boots. Oh oh oh before I forget she has this really cute cloud that has a particle snowfall that comes with the Winter Boots. I fail for not taking a picture. You may flog me later if you must.

Where to get the Lazy Places Stuffs
Axis Mundi shop
Sugar Mill Shops shop

Non-Lazy Places credits
Sweater:Sn@tch Cashmere Sweater (green)
Pants: *Hilarious* Hunter Plaid Trousers
Skin: La Sylphide Erin Tan Party Girl (old lucky chair prize)
Hair: PE Micha in Sambuca

You seriously should click on the pictures for a better look or check out Sakura's flickr set

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