Friday, December 12, 2008

Harajuku Phire

After all the black and dark colors of my gothy look by Achariya it was time for some color. Alright so Sakura may have suggested this because I was whining about the lack of bright colors in my last look but what can I say I like my colors. Oh if you couldn't figure it out Sakura suggested a more Harajuku look for me which was echoed by Yuvi. Sakura was kind ebough to give me a website and sent me on my merry way.

Now I know I could have attached so much more to myself, but you see I am kinda at the mercy of attachment points and layers :(

Now that I have blinded you with color..hehe...keep those ideas coming!
Hoodie: Fishy Strawberry minihood- yellow
Shirt: Momo Candy tee (pink)
Tutu: from ~silentsparrow~ Claire de Lune set (mint not available)
Leggings: Canimal WildOne leggings pants (leopard blue,green)
Socks: -corduroy- moisie's dotty leggings (pink)
Shoes: Detour Mixflip sneakers- purple stars
Hair: *DH* Forbidden - Peroxide Blonde
Skin:Beauty Avatar Couture* ENEA- skin gift 1
Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Harajuku Girls: rainbow necklace,crown and bracelet Hakrajuku Girls: Blue Bracelet, Cuppycake necklace-Birthday
Face tattoo: No Mercy *stars* (colored)


Achariya Rezak said...

HEE! I love this look on you, very Harajuku, especially with violet's rainbow crown. :D Adorable.

Heidi Volare said...

You TOTALLy look like Debbie Harry from Blondie. You're a feast for my eyes. You did a fab job!

tearsongs-sl said...

Wow, look who just ran into a rainbow ;) Love the look, great job!