Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dress Me Up!

The lovely Achariya issued the bloggers another challenge. I think she really just wanted to get us all in our underwear!! I'm on to you Ach :p

Anyways here I am in my undies. So dress me up pretty please?


Achariya Rezak said...

...Not gonna dress you up, nope. >.> You gotta be stuck in your undies...


You know, I think I wanna dress you up retro! Frock from Ingenue, classic pumps, hair from Curl up and Dye, back-seam stockings...:D

Phire Zuhra said...

I want to see Sakura in a tailored dress, chunky jewelry and that "I spent too much time to make my hair look like a spent no time" style. Google Lipstick Jungle and
that is what I have in mind kinda.

Anonymous said...

80's glam rocker

you know big hair, tight pants, feather boas, glittery eye makeup, tats all that jazz lol

Stores to check out:
Clothing: Strayer

Hair: Black Maria

Sakuradawn Lei said...

*takes notes and peeks into inventory to see what she has and what she still needs.......oddly enough feather boas are in that inventory O_o

Ashia Tomsen said...

I'd love to see you in something quite tomboyish (is that a word?). Short crop, a man's shirt and mebbe jeans

Sakuradawn Lei said...

lol Aisha tomboyish is totally a word, I use it too!

I think I might have to bust out my Wentz 2 hair from Truth for that one! Fall out boy ftw!

Anonymous said...

And a silent lurker finally speaks...

I think that considering Sakura's already pretty wide range of tastes, I would love to see something a bit more futuristic. Not crazed like runway futurism (like walking around with a giant cube for a head, or in a dress made of circuitboards) ... But more like black PVC, with pockets and zippers abounding.. Strange cyberpunk eye and neckware, with tiny glowing lights on everything.

I mean, if you're going to put on the pointy ears, you might as well enjoy all of the genres that already allow for them. ;)

It has been awhile since I've been in-world, but I recall one of SL's first zones was named 'Nexus' and had cyberpunk clothing shops. Might be a place to start from.

Sakuradawn Lei said...

ooooo I like the cyber punk idea

*takes notes*

Candy Lemmon said...


Whether that means the roller-girl costume from Shai, or a sequined jumpsuit from Decollage, I predict a bad-ass afro and a little seventies swagger in your future.

Sakuradawn Lei said...


*adds to list*