Monday, December 15, 2008

Dress me up- by the boys

Late last week I was mentioned on Plurk how much I was loving being other peoples Barbie doll. Of course Sven (Sakura's boy) and Davey, who you have seen on the blog here once before were confused. After some tears from me accusing them on not reading the blog they both made suggestions. Well since I am an equal opportunity kinda gal I decided to go for it. From what you see below you can guess which guy is NOT allowed to dress himself.

First the look by Sven. He said he wanted to see me in a tutu, bear foot slippers and a batman mask. Well I admit I fudged this one a little skipping the Batman mask for just a black mask I already had. Since he didn't mention anything for a shirt I decided to be cheeky or would this be chesty? and go topless wearing only my trusty pasties.

Davey said he wanted to see me dressed up as a mobsters girlfriend. I had to ask Davey which sort of mobsters he was thinking, the tommy gun toting kind or the "Casino" kind. He left it up to me and I knew just what to wear. The Scarlett Mobstress outfit from Kyoot Army was just the ticket and I already had a gun in my inventory.....don't ask.


For Sven's look
Tutu: Canimal FooFoo TuTu (pink)
Mask: *~*Illusions*~* Le Fleur Mask: black
Slippers: [LP] Myth Boots Gryphon Brown (bottom part only with boot shape edited)
pasties: Opium Le Burlesque no prim pasties (onyx)
hair: HoH Romantic hair in bitter chocolate with messy look bangs added
skin: Celestial Studios (DN) Vogue Skin- Amber (Last Call-Hotpants)

For Davey's look
Outfit: Kyoot Army Scarlet Mobstress (pieces still available, but I didn't see the full set)
Shoes: Shiny Things Clara Slingbacks - black
Hair: ETD Patricia in black
Skin: Celestial Studios (DN) Vogue Skin- Amber (Last Call-G-String)
Gun: SRX- G-10

please forgive me if this made no sense what so ever, I haven't had my morning coffee. Okay I haven't has enough coffee yet.


Achariya Rezak said...

WAHAHAHA. You look great in the mobstress outfit, and like a cute fairy ho' in the first one ♥ -- hee hee, boys are funny.

Phire Zuhra said...

Fairy ho's...oh the possibilities

Sven Okonomi said...

I thought tutus where skintights with a skirt thing sown on. :p Anyway, nicely done. :P

Phire Zuhra said...

Thanks Svennie. I bet you thought I wouldn't do it too :)