Friday, December 5, 2008

BareRose Appreciation Challenge

I could not pick just one outfit to showcase for the challenge put forth by Mr. Jefferson. Choosing my favorite BareRose outfit would be like trying to choose which of my children I love more…I just can’t do it!
Anyway I can still remember my first trip to BareRose and who took me there. It was Sakura of course; she shows me all the cool places. My head was spinning with all the choices. One of the first outfits I bought was the campus detective outfit. It is just the right mix of sassy and classy schoolgirl; at least I hope that is how I come off.

Another one of my favorites is the Psychedelico set. I usually pair this up with some big hair for that full on retro look. Oh and the best part, my lazy bum doesn’t have to worry about accessories because the belt, necklace and bracelets all come with it! Oh and the headband too, how could I have forgotten about that?

Last but certainly not least is this Dark Elf set. I bought this set along with a few others to go with my colored skins from *mia*. The fact that I could buy one set and have enough color choices for the skins was just too good to pass up. I of course chose to wear the pink version just for Winter 

Outfit: :::B@R::: Campus Detective
Skin: La Sylphide Erin Tan Dark Pink
Hair: ETD Abigail in Elika’s Red
Shoes: katat0nik* Bowie Mary Janes

Outfit: :::B@R::: Psychedelico
Skin: La Sylphide Ingrid Swirly Cyclone (old group gift)
Hair: BP* Big Bomb Hair
Shoes: shinythings Stilletto Wrapped Boots in White

Outfit: :::B@R::: Dark Elf
Skin: *mia* Gorgeous Grape skin 4
Hair: HoH Calina the Nobel in glow

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D. Swindlehurst said...

/me likey the classy school girl. ;-)