Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I poop rainbows...

and I fart kitty cats and burp sunshine.

I now even have a shirt that declares two out of the three.

The lovely Kesseret of KesKreations has made this shirt, it was a suggestion by someone. Who is the witty someone you may ask, why me...duh! Anyway Kess it making this shirt available for free to anyone who goes into her shop and whispers the magic words to the kitty. No I am not going to tell you because I didn't ask Kess for permission. If you were part of her subscribomatic group you would know it. I am off to go enjoy my 15 second of fame (time flies by faster in SL then RL) Oh wait for you out there who like honesty, I think Kess did a hell of a job considering she banged this out in like a half an hour or something equally crazy.

Shirt: KessKreations Poop Rainbows shirt
Pants: *Hilarious* Black cuffed jeans (not out yet sorry)
Big ol' booty: That's all me baby, but more about that another time.
Poses: [LAP]

*puts bitchy Phire back in the closet, don't make me bring her back out!*


Kesseret Steeplechase said...

you can say it, it's "I fart kitties" (no quotes) in case people want to go get it.

<3 <33333

Belochka Shostakovich said...

Woo! I've always wanted to fart kitties, hope they are rainbow coloured too :D

Fab t-shirt, thank you Kesseret!