Tuesday, November 4, 2008


~GypsySoul~ Autumn, Daughter, Plume

There have been a few stores that are on my list of "OMG Must have it all" and the new shop by the name of ~GypsySoul~ has joined that lovely list, much to my wallet's dismay. Silly wallet, you can't keep my money forever!
~GypsySoul~ Graduate, Singular

~GypsySoul~ offers a range of comfy cozy casual clothing that I am madly in love with. The textures are very well done on these. The sweaters look so snuggly! Each outfit offers so many options to wear and every layer you can imagine. That also includes tuckable layers for shirts and pants on the underwear layer for those that like to wear boots over your pants. Everything is mix and matchable too. Little details like sculpted cuffs and socks add a special touch to each outfit. I love how each of the dresses include the stockings and the pant sets include both system socks and prim legwarmer style socks. All items are mod/copy and many are available on Onrez for gifting.
~GypsySoul~ Shroom (Jacket and shirt only)

Be sure to touch the subscribe-o-matic, new releases are coming out almost everyday it seems.......~GypsySoul~ is my new SL addiction. Go buy it all!!

As always, click photos for a larger view.

Photo 1
Left: ~GypsySoul~ Autumn
Middle: ~GypsySoul~ Daughter
Right: ~GypsySoul~ Plume

Photo 2
Left: ~GypsySoul~ Graduate
Right: ~GypsySoul~ Singular

Photo 3
~GypsySoul~ Shroom

Skin: Celestial Studios (DN) Vogue Skin - Last Call/Fishnet - Cashmere

Hair: ETD Yvette - Black

Ears: *katat0nik* (black & white) Neko Ears

Whiskers: [LP] Whiskers(Black)

Piercing: *!RaveNation!* Virulent Piercings

Photo 1
Left: TRUTH Mina Flats [darkside]
Right: SLink Chunky Mary Jane Red
Middle: TRUTH Mina Flats [darkside]

Photo 2
Left: (Shiny Things) Old Boots wide - black
Right: TRUTH Mina Flats [darkside]

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