Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Going Sultry with Calla

Sunday was the second anniversary party for Calla and I was of course in the house. I remember way back in my noob days getting my first prim hair from Calla. My color of choice back then? Fire of course! So there was the party as I mentioned with tons of goodies for the attendees, but more important to note is the introduction of the Calla Sultry line.
I went on a demo grabbing bender when I first got to the party and had to sit on my hands so I didn't tp home to try them on all right away. I would hate to have seemed to be a rude party guest :D After waiting a fair amount of time I said my congrats to Tigerlily and ran home as fast as my tp could take me. I tried on every demo that I got and made a list of the ones I needed NOW. Of course with the party going on and the lag I held off till Monday to grab all the hair on my NEED NOW list. I haven’t been able to take off my Myrtle pigtails. Well that isn’t true, I could take them off, I just choose not to! Here are some pictures of the ones from my NEED NOW list.

As you can see they are quite different from what Tigerlily has offered before. You really must go and grab some demos of your own. Now you may not look as absolutely adorable as me, but no one ever does so fret not.

1: Myrtle in Cherry wood
2: Verain in Cherry wood
3: Teasel in Cherry wood
4: Protea in Cherry wood
5: Juniper in Cherry wood

Skin: []::Tuli::[] *sUmi* /starry/2fr/light/green
Cami: "Savvy?" Sweet Camis(Freshly Spilled) from the Retrology Halloween Hunt

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