Monday, October 13, 2008

Pretty Pretty Princess

*Drifts into the blog and gives a regal wave*

Good day my darlings it is I Princess Phire here to grace you all with my presence. Wondering what on earth has gotten into me? Well you can blame it all on Katat0nik Pidgeon and her latest release the Princess dress. I happen to think I look better then any Princess Disney could churn out and this is way better then anything those bitches wore.

Belle’s gold dress ain’t got nothing on my pink dress. Look at all the details on this dress, lace on the gown and the gloves, ruffles on the panties, cute little details carried all the way to the stockings! Eat your hearts out Jack, Gus and all of Cinderella’s other mousie friends!

Every princess needs her jewels and today mine come courtesy Violet Voltaire by way of her Eternity necklace, bracelet and earrings in tourmaline. Now if you want to get all these pieces you are going to have to hurry and work for them, but it is so worth it! The earrings are only available at Violet’s shop on the Journey sim, the bracelet is part of the Juicy birthday and the necklace can be had in the church outside her main store along with tons of other goodies. Do yourself a favor and check them out and while you are there you should head into Violet’s shop to see all the other fun jewelry she makes.

Royal Credits
Dress: *katatonik* Princess Dress
Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Eternity necklace, earrings and bracelet tourmaline/silver
Hair: *Truth* Trisha - chocolate
Shoes: Juicy Classic Pumps Sparkling Iridescent bright pink
Skin: La Sylphide Erin light soft pink

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