Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pretty Liquid Flower twins

Psssst Psst hey, you, yeah you, I have a secret to tell you. Did you love the Liquid Flower sets that Rouge Darcy of Rebel-X made for the Black Swan event? Did you ever wish there was an orange Halloweeny edition? Well my darling dears you are in luck. Rouge has not only made a special Halloween edition, but she put it in a lucky chair! That's right, you can get your hands on the new version for free!

Now this is different then the Black Swan version in a few ways. For starters it is orange and black, okay so that is kind of obvious I know. This time round though you get two hoods, one with no hair and one with black hair, skulls on the skirt and pumpkin on the leg warmers. Oh and the best part, it comes packaged in one of Rouge's amazing pumpkins! I suggest making sure you have some lindens in your wallet when you head over there to stalk the chair because I know you are going to find something there that catches your eye, I know I did!

Outfits: !*Rebel-X-*! Liquid Flower [Halloween Edition]
Skins: On Sakura: *mia* Foxy Girl skin 6 (you gotta wait for these, sorry)
On Phire: *mia* Foxy Girl skin 8 (you gotta wait for these, sorry)
Boots: [LP] Jax boots, just the bottoms - Lazy Place's gift for the Vain hunt

Poses are from CNS and Sugar Mill sorry I don't have the SLURLs


+ Rouge Darcy + said...

OMG, you've been super quick! Tyvm much girls *hugs* ^^

Phire Zuhra said...

We were inspired Rouge! I dragged Sakura off for pictures as soon as I could :)