Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Lion and the Unicorn

Girl Fight!!!!!! Okay really a Unicorn and Neko fight but we are both girls so it counts right? The idea for this post came from this nursery rhyme.

The Lion and the Unicorn
Were fighting for the crown;
The Lion beat the Unicorn
All about the town.
Some gave them white bread
And some gave them brown;
Some gave them plum cake
And drummed them out of town!

If you couldn’t guess it, I am the unicorn and Sakura is the lion. Of course since this is my blog post I get to decide the winner. Care to guess who won this fight?

Well of course I won…duh! But Sakura was a tough opponent. Okay so I am just saying that so she will keep giving me her boots, but that is beside the point. For this post the only guidance I gave was that we were supposed to look like fighters. We each picked out some beat up skin and our own take on a boxers look. We never really get a chance to wear our beat up skins because we don’t want to look like we have been abused. I had been dying to wear this outfit from Bijou since I saw it on the runway at a fashion show a month plus ago. I look all tough and it has stars, it doesn’t get any better then that!

To get our looks go here
Sakura’s look
Pasties: [DE] Pasties
Top: Sn@tch The Fishnet Collection V 2.0::: :::Sn@tch Torn Fishnet Longsleeve (Shirt):::
Shorts: Nyte'N'Day - "Embrace the Lazy" PJs Green Booty Shorts
shoes: AKEYO _shoes _CHUCKS LowTop
Neko parts: Eat Rice! Neko Set Black
Hair: *mia* Hair WILD WOMAN (black) (lucky chair)
Skin: minajunk HarajyukuBox skin Neko

Phire’s look
Clothes: :bijou: Starlet [red]
Shoes: ETD demi trainers white
Hair: Diversity Hair Dare- black
Skin: Lunacy Pale Rough Day
Tail: #PP pony tail pack (female)
Horn: Illusions – Unicorn horn: sterling

Picture one Adore & abhor girl fight
Picture two [LAP] Dead Serious and Gravity Wins - I made this one up using those two poses- it was supposed to look all Matrix-y
Picture three Sugar Mill – Winner
Unsure what pose Sakura used and where she got it- feel free to pester her in world to find out (she is so going to kill me now)

*you should click on them for a better view*

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