Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Houxin and Bixin

Sakura is a really bad blogger. *hangs head in shame* Several days ago I showed you the incredible Heart skins by [][]Trap[][] and I had planned to show off the incredible matching outfits from Schadenfreude the very next day. But like always I got distracted (points finger at The Magic of Oz sim, go if you haven't yet!)and here I am several days later. I shall pass out cookies and distract you all from my terrible blog writerness, yeah.

Allegory Malaprop has made two fantastic outfits to compliment the Heart skins by [][]Trap[][]. The Houxin set is for the ladies and the Bixin is for the men but us girls can totally rock it for our own! Sorry boys, doesn't really work the other way around, but I totally welcome cross dressing, so by all means go for it! <3

Schadenfreude Red Houxin

The Houxin set offers lots of options, everything from capri's to lovely lingerie to one hell of a system skirt! There are also a ton of layering options available here which I love! Each piece shows off the incredible markings of the Heart skin, letting the skin and the outfit play off of each other.

Schadenfreude Red Bixin

The Bixin, while meant more for the boys, works really great for girls! Gives an nice punkish Tomboyish look when paired with the Heart skin and the awesome Allegory Mohawk from The Stringer Mausoleum. You get pants with two different pattern options, a tank, short, a vest with prim collar, and a sheer shirt *gasps for air* all on every layer your pretty little heads can think up. I recommend the sheer shirt to show off the Heart skin but you might want to be a little more modest than I was and put some pasties or something on if you are a girl. Boys by all means show what you got!

One of the things that I really love about these sets is the shading and wrinkles on the black fabric. This is possibly the best I have ever seen and makes me love these outfits even more. The shading and wrinkles on the sheer shirt are astounding! You will not be disappointed. Now you might be asking "Are there more colors?" Yes there are 8 colors for each available. Red just happens to be my favorite color so :p

Go buy it all now!!!!!!!!

Schadenfreude Red Bixin
Schadenfreude Red Houxin
Hair: the Stringer Mausoleum ALLEGORY - WHITES
Skin: [][]Trap[][] Heart Tone 1 F White
Ears: Illusions *~*Fairy Ears: []TRAP[]
Eyes: -=Watchtower=- Black Eyes (demon)


Candy Cerveau said...

We are not sorry we distracted you! But I really do love these outfits from Allegory - so its all good ;)

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