Friday, October 24, 2008

Ghost Busters Hunt Starts at Noon SLT!!!!

Jax Boots (Ghost Busters Prize from Lazy Places)

Starting at 12pm (Noon SLT) on the24th of October,
Lazy Places will take part in the Vain Inc. Grid Wide Ghost Busters Hunt,
as one of the 111 shops involved in this ghouling event!

The hunt runs from October 24th -31st so you have a week to go around the grid,
hunting down those ghosts filled with prizes from awesome SL designers!

Remember this is a fun hunt. Please do NOT harrass the designers into telling where their ghost is hidden.
Take the time to look around. Check out their shops. They are being very generous in providing these gifts to you.

That being said dont' ask us where ours is! Look around, we promise it's not that hard to find :p
If you ask we are going to play dumb and maybe even move it >:3

Starter Ghosts were sent out to our group and a poster is set up in our Main Store. Simply buy it for $0 and get the landmark for the beginning of the hunt!

BTW For the hunt the boots will be copy only with a scripted resizer. After the hunt they will be set out for sale with the usual transfer options (and maybe some colors o.o)


Have Fun, Bring Friends, Hunt, Get awesome stuff!

Happy halloween!

~The Lazy Places Team
Sakuradawn Lei
Sven Okonomi

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