Thursday, October 30, 2008

Foxy Girl

I have an insane amount of love for MiaSnow Myriam. Every skin she releases seems to outdo the one before it. Every time I get lucky to get my pixel mitts on her newest skins I squeal with glee! Mia's newest skin is the Foxy Girl. For me, this is the best dark tone skin I have found. Since I was lucky enough to get these skins, I have been running around the grid in them. Each of the girls I have seen in them all had a beautiful, unique look to them when they wore these fantastic skins. This is truly the first time I have ever received so many compliments on a skin I was wearing!
Foxy Girl 1-4

I love everything about this skin. One thing I feel I should point out is there is a bit of shading and highlighting on the breasts. Because of this you may wish to make the girls a little smaller because the shading will make them look rather large. Or leave them all and enjoy your new found cleavage! Also this skin looks great without hair! Check out Ach here. This skin is perfect for when you want to get your ARC down for fashion shows or very laggy sims.
Foxy Girl 5-8

The Foxy Girl skin is available in ten different makeup options. My personal favorites are number five, six, and eight. ^_^ The fatpack of the skins will also give you 8 fingernail colors. You can also buy the nails separate if you wish to only buy one of the skins, however be aware, the nails ONLY work with the Foxy Girl skin and will NOT work with any other skin.
Foxy Girl 9-10

See that amazing hair I am wearing? Ok I must tell you that it actually has glow and is all glowy and awesome but SL eats glow in my photos so you can't see it ._. Anyways, the hair is the Wild Woman hair 2 and is available right now in the Grid Wide Ghostbusters Hunt. Go to Mia's shop and hunt for the ghost and the hair is yours! Be sure to check out the gifts near the ghost too, there is a cute dress from lurvebite and an adorable broom from jasPOSE.

The skins sell for L$600 each and L$5000 for the fat pack. Demos are available with free shapes and eyebrow shapes. Fat packs include eight nail options and the nails are available separate for L$80. The nails ONLY work with the Foxy Girl skins!

Click photos for closer look and go to the shop to get demos!
Stop reading and go buy these now!!!
Foxy Girl skins and Wild Woman hair:
by MiaSnow
Pasties: Dark Eden Pasties


Phire Zuhra said...

You do look fabulous in these skins. I love love love them myself.

MiaSnow said...

<33333333333333333333 much love for you!