Saturday, October 18, 2008

Boys and girls of every age, Wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Boys and Girls Halloween has come to Lazy Places!! Please excuse the long post, blah, blah just look at the stuffs!!!!

Hallow boots, Cupcake, and Candy Corn (also KatatOnik's Lucky chair Katty dress!)

New for the Halloween season, Halloween Edition Hya and Synth boots! Each boot features Orange straps, bloodied black metal and Lucky Halloween Charms! Please note these boots do NOT include hoof and paw prints like the other versions. These are a simple version for Halloween!

Hya Equine, Hya Cloven, Synth Halloween Edition

Also BRAND SPANKIN NEW!! Hallow Boots! Consider this a little sneak peak at a new style of boots in the works. We love the Engineer style boots we have come across in many Japanese shops and worked hard to create our own version. These too feature Orange straps, bloodied black metal and Lucky Halloween Charms! We hope you like them ^_^

Hallow Boots

All Boots are Transfer only and feature resizer scripts for easy fitting!

HOMG!!! We made a costume!!! This one has been sitting in Sakura's inventory for a while and finally it's available to you! We are offering a Full Prim Tribal Neko outfit. Please be aware that the whole thing is prim, this means you run the risk of showing up naked for a few moments when you TP into a sim. Lazy Places cannot be held responsible for your nakedness or your sexiness XD! The outfit offers a top, bottom, boots, spear, fangs w/ smile, moving ears, moving tail, whiskers, choker, armband, bracelet, and leg band. The outfit is transfer only but features resizer scripts for easy fitting. The outfit also looks cute without the neko parts if neko isn't your thing :p PLEASE try a demo first!

Tribal Neko

Come try your luck at the Lucky Pumpkin! If you dare!!! Three prizes available to win!
Hallow Key, Trick or Treat box (includes interactive cupcake and candy corn), and Hallow Choker!Pumpkin is set to change it's letter every 10 minutes and there is even a Wildcard round (?) !!! All prizes are Transfer only so you can trade with friends to collect them all! Just in case you don't want to wait or your letter is coming up, we also set the prizes out for sale ^-^

Hallow Key, Cupcake and Candycorn treat set

Hallow Choker

As Always click photos for a better look and then come to Lazy Places!!!!!!!

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