Thursday, September 25, 2008

Will you wear orange?

If you have been following along you would have know already that today's color is orange. Perfect color since autumn has officially begun now. Oh and there just happens to be a Best in Orange event tonight at Pin Ups Night Club on the Retrology sim. Talk about timing, and no this was not planned ahead of time I swear!

I seem to have done it again, I have chosen some items that are no longer available, mainly my shirt and skin, both from Artilleri. Have no fear however because there are still many orange top options you can purchase at Artilleri. he skin however you are out of luck because that is an old hunt prize from last year using one of the first skins. I swear I do shop and am not pulling out all these oldies just to be cruel! The jeans and jewelry I am wearing can be had though if that makes up for it.

And the boots will be out by this weekend. Sakura got them all boxed up. Maybe I can convince her she really wants to release them tomorrow. I am sure I can bribe her and if not I have.....other means. Hey I am not above blackmail.

Orange you glad I have credits for you?
top: /Artilleri/ annie top *orange*
pants: [Decoy] Genesis 10 jeans tangerine
Jewelry Fresh Baked Goods Turkish delight (orange)
shoes; [LP] hya boots-ocean
skin: /Artilleri/ lily (sunkiss) *autumn* (Halloween hunt prize from last year, not available)
hair: Calla Cyclmen dark chocolate

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