Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will you wear green?

For those of you who missed yesterdays post, this week I used a song from one of the kid’s shows for a theme. Yesterday you got to see how I would look if I dressed in blue, today’s color is green. This was actually harder then I had thought it would be. Seems my wardrobe is not exactly overflowing with green and since I did put restrictions on myself that only made it harder. Yeah I said I gave myself rules for these posts. Well really it was only one rule; I could not wear clothes from any single store more then once. Skins I allowed myself to repeat because well they are my rules. Where were we before I got totally off track? Oh that’s right my lack of green clothes.

Well I did dig out some green in the form of this Lara outfit from eLDee. I actually got it during the Retrology Anniversary event, so again I am wearing something unavailable. Man I suck!

My boots and jewelry are of course from Lazy Places and Fresh Baked Goods respectively. Oh yeah and I am wearing a Chai skin again today, but hey I changed up my hair. Today I am rocking the Rachel from House of Heart. I had a total Friends flashback when I wrote “the Rachel”. Have I just seriously dated myself? I better get out of here before I feel seriously old!

No need to be envious I have your credits for you.
outfit eLDee Lara (Retrology Aniversary edition no longer availible)(mainstore currently closed)
Jewelry Fresh Baked Goods Turkish delight (mauve)
shoes; [LP] Hya boots-ocean (I have ben told these will be out by this weekend)
skin LF Chai nutmeg Envy
hair HoH Rachel bitter chocolate

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