Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will You wear blue?

I often find inspiration for dressing from my kids and this week in no exception. They were watching one of their usual kid’s shows and this song came on. Hooray for teaching them colors...then I thought hmmm I wonder if I could dress in those colors? So I have, well okay I was going to start with red yesterday but I thought my brain was about to ooze out my head so I spent the majority of the day in bed. As luck would have it though the song starts with blue so here you are my blue. As a special added bonus you get to see sneak peeks at the newest boots from Sakura and some fabulous new bracelets from Fresh Baked Goods. The bracelets are already out and the boots should be out this weekend. If they aren't fear not because I know where Sakura lives and I will make her put them way or another.

I started with my Faerie Babydoll from Truth, sadly this dress is no longer available, and so I shall refer to it as vintage Truth. I am of course wearing the previously mentioned boots and bracelets as you can see. Of course you can't wear blue without a little blue makeup. I went with Chai's Morpho in nutmeg tone with freckles. I can't get enough of freckles lately even though I have always hated my RL ones...go fig. Last but by no means least I topped myself off with the Pyxis hair from Philotic Energy. It has a scripted band that not only changed texture, but also allows you to pick your own tint, blue of course for me to match my dress.

Don’t be blue, here are the credits
Dress: *Truth* Faerie babydoll
Jewelry Fresh Baked Goods Turkish delight (blue)
shoes: [LP] hya boots-ocean
skin": LF Chai nutmeg Morpho
hair: PE Pyxis in Sambuca


Tigerlily Koi said...

Cuuuute dress, and cute video too! Here's a favorite at our house right fact I might have to blog it.

Phire Zuhra said...

I have heard that song when it has been on, but I had never seen the video. Too cute!