Monday, September 15, 2008

Week of Hoodies!

Yes I know I have been a bad blogger for slacking off but seriously I have a good excuse. School started for my darling kindergartener and getting into a new routine is hard. On the plus side it did inspire this weeks look at hoodies, because for many of us autumn is just around the corner which means the mornings are quite cool, but the afternoons still warm. Hey I know what I am talking about, I am out with him waiting for the bus at 8am. So the best thing to do this time of year is layer and hoodies are the best choice in my opinion.

Anyway today we are going to start with this blue star print hoodie from Celestial Studios. I of course was drawn to it because of the stars. How could you not be?

There is no way I could be the embarrassing mom in this hoodie! Okay I am sure I could still find ways to embarrass him, but it wouldn't be caused by my wardrobe.

I think my favorite part about the stars on this hoodie is that they are not all the same. Some have cute out centers, others have borders, but the texture of it overall has this beloved worn feel to it. You know the worn faded look you clothes get when you wash them a billion times? Yeah just like that.

Enough of my babble. Here are the credits, free of charge!

hoodie: (CS) Print Hoodie- Blue Stars
jeans: [Decoy] Genesis 10 jeans- midnight
hair: (CS) Annie May
skin: []::Tuli::[] Harlow in sunkissed
lashes: Insolence Lula medium
boots: Adam n Eve Skai- Chocolate

poses: Whatever [LAP] poses were in Sakura's stand

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